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YT Profit Maximizer Review and Bonus! – Keder Cormier

Welcome to my YT Profit Maximizer Review!

Today, you’ll get a real inside look into YT Profit Maximizer and how it can take your Video and Monetization game to a whole new level! Keep reading, because this is a good one…

YT Profit Maximizer Review

I’ve known Keder Cormier for a few years now, and he is always passionate about internet marketing and loves to help people by providing the most value possible, so I was super stoked that he gave me access to his course to do this awesome review!

As Keder would say…Let’s GOOOOOO… 🙂

Video is an extremely important piece in your internet marketing methods. It creates proof, trust and builds relationships. Most marketers don’t know where to start when it comes to creating and marketing videos online, and this course fully outlines every step you need to make your video promotions a success! Keder also teaches you how to edit your videos, as well as optimizing them for more traffic and sales.

Want to earn a part-time, or even a full-time income with video marketing? Keder breaks down all of his methods to create multiple streams of income, including making money with Adsense, affiliate products, and also how to make money with your own products.

No matter what your preferences might be, there is something for just about everyone in this course.

YT Profit Maximizer Youtube Course

YT Profit Maximizer has 7 Modules in total

Module 1 (2 videos)

This is a short prelude to help set up the mindset and expectations of what to expect in this course.
It’s positive and uplifting.

Module 2 (5 videos)
Creating your first video

Not sure how to start the process? This section helps paint a picture of the direction you want to take.

• What is the intention of the video
• How to identify your audience to get maximum reach
• Structuring your content to solve problems
• Setting up a call to action to get your desired results

Module 3 (3 videos)
Recording a video

Recording a video doesn’t have to be so technical. This module takes the guesswork out of the production to make your first video.

• Where to record a video
• What settings are needed for recording
• Speaking on camera

Module 4 (3 videos)
Video post production

You can be new to video marketing and follow these simple steps to make your video come alive like a pro.

• Editing your videos
• Video editing tips
• Downloading and uploading videos

Module 5 (5 videos)
Making money

This is why you’re here, right? 🙂 You’ll learn some awesome nuggets to get some income rolling in fast!

• Make money with Adsense
• Make money with affiliate products and generating leads
• Setting up your affiliate promotions
• Affiliate money funnels
• Make money with your own products

Module 6 (10 videos)
Over the shoulder

Look right over Keder’s shoulder Live, so you can copy what he’s doing!

• Live video editing
• Live video uploading
• On page SEO
• Tagging for easy rankings
• And much more!

Module 7 (10 videos)
BONUS Tips and Tricks

These bonus tips are sure to help scale up your business even more!

• What you should make your videos about
• Take advantage of viral news
• How to grow your following
• How to brand yourself
• And much more!

How to get the most out of these methods

First, I recommend turning off all distractions and take a lot of notes! There is a good amount of info to take in, so you’ll want to be focused in order to get the most out of this course. There’s no need to be overwhelmed. Just take it at your own pace and be smart when setting things up. There are free and paid methods mentioned, so you can start with little to no budget. Just figure out what you want to make money with first, then go for it! Think like a marketer and experiment with various ways to leverage every step along the way. Pretty soon, you will see some momentum in your business, if you just stay consistent. You can do it!

The Verdict

This course is Excellent! Even though i’ve been in the internet marketing space for several years, I still got some great info that got my gears turning! Proven systems are the only way to get on track to make money online, and Keder lays it all out for you in a manner that can be easily absorbed and implemented. I highly recommend grabbing this course and take serious action today! Where could you be in just 60 days from now? Maybe you’re trying to cut down on your hours at work, or quit your job altogether – but either way, you’ll be handed a solid action plan to help achieve your goals.

10 Total Score


But wait, there’s more… 🙂

Even though this course has everything you need to get up and running fast, i’ve decided to add a few Free Bonuses to make it sweeter!

Bonus #1: Video Popup Pro
This plugin takes a link and triggers a Vimeo or Youtube video popup. It allows for you to pass in the video ID or video player, and a few options for width, height, and autoplay. Simply pass in your element and everything else is taken care of.

Bonus #2: Jack Jacker Plugin
Jack any website and place your affiliate links over them. You can literally piggyback off of some of the top websites online!

Bonus #3: 10,000 Real Youtube Views
How to Get 10,000 REAL Youtube views in a week, plus add 1000’s of subscribers in the process!

Bonus #4: Exclusive Access to Keder’s Private Facebook Group
Learn from the man himself and get all your questions answered in this awesome community!

>>> Here’s what to do next: Sign up for YT Profit Maximizer here, then email me here with your transaction ID and the email used, and i’ll hook you up with my awesome bonuses!

Make it a great day, and let me know if you have any questions!

Jim, with JVZ Reviews

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